Best shoes for swing dancing

There are various reasons for you to love dancing and swing dancing is one of them. It is pretty easy to learn, also happens to be a very good way to work out while having fun. Even if you are a beginner and this particular dance number, or you simply want to have a fun time with your family, swing dancing is definitely one of those things that require a proper pair of shoes. There are various swing dance shoes that you can find online as well as through the off-line stores. Purchasing the best shoes for swing dancing is an absolute must so that you would be able to properly enjoy the dance while ensuring that your feet do not hurt.

Best Shoes for swing dancing reviews

Ollio women classic lace up shoes

Ollio has provided the vintage look normally seen in the swing dancing shoes, which comes along with the wingtip as well as provides a lot of class and comfort. Made out of extremely high quality material, this particular pair of shoes is durable and will be able to last a lot of wear and tear.

Ollio Women's Shoe Classic Lace Up Dress Low Flat Heel Oxford M1914(7 B(M) US, Black-White)

Features: –

The consistency of these shoes is simply one of the best that you can find in the market. The surface of these pair of shoes does not scuff easily, ensuring that they would be able to last a long time with all its glamour and shine. It also comes with a rubber sole, which makes it ideal for dancing if there is a lot of traction that is needed in that particular flooring. Of course, you could go for the suede soles as well if that is your preference.

Pros: –

  • These pair of shoes has a proper vintage look.
  • It has a small heel or it can be found in the flat variant as well which is perfect for practicing the swing dancing.
  • Due to rubber soles, one would be extremely comfortable with getting the traction when it comes to dancing in extremely slippery floors.
  • These pair of shoes is comfortable as well as secure around the feet.

Cons: –

  • Sometimes the rubber soles can make it pretty difficult to conduct fast movements which is normally the routine in swing dancing.

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Keds Champion sneakers

Normally associated with sporting activities for women, the Keds Champion sneakers are also a wonderful pair of shoes that you can use for swing dancing. The best part about this particular pair of shoes is that they are made out of a very comfortable canvas material and also comes with a wide range of colors for you to choose from.

Keds Women's Champion Eyelet Sneaker, White, 5

Features: –

Due to the particular construction and make of these pair of shoes, you would be able to find them fitting in almost any kind of feed size. These are wonderful for swing dancing simply because they are made out of a very comfortable canvas material. Moreover, for matching with various places, this particular pair of shoes is to be found in over 10 different colors and various styles for you to choose from. There is also a cushioning insole in order to provide extra comfort to your feet while you are practicing swing dancing for long hours.


  • Proper arch support that you can get from the insoles.
  • The presence of thick soles would be able to provide appropriate comfort when practicing swing dancing.
  • Comfortable canvas material used in the product to make it durable, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
  • You have over 10 different colour choices, ensuring that mixing and matching various dresses can be done.

Cons: –

  • Wearing these pair of shoes for the very first time can be a bit uncomfortable, so it is advised take them out and wear them around the house before using them for swing dancing.

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Jig Foo practice swing dancing shoes

When elegant swing dancing shoes are in your mind, then these pair of shoes will definitely fit the bill. The heels in this pair of dancing shoes are appropriate for the people that are looking to start swing dancing since it is an extremely small height. Moreover, the stability provided with having a very small heel in the shoes will definitely enable people to achieve the perfect form in swing dancing pretty easy.

Jig Foo Latin Salsa Rumba Chacha Practice Ballroom Dance Shoes for Women,Black Nubuck,11 B(M) US

Features: –

The pair of shoes is comparatively cheaper than most of the other models, but quality is never a concern. They can also be found fitting various other feet sizes simply because they are a bit wider than most of the other products in the market. The presence of an ankle strap as well as a metal shank in the pair of shoes enables the feet to remain in a tight spot and does not create uncomfortable instances where dancing.

Pros: –

  • The presence of small heels has been done to provide extra comfort for the practicing swing dancers.
  • There are multiple colour options to choose from, which make mixing and matching with dresses a reality.
  • It comes with a very proper price tag.

Cons: –

  • A few people have complained about the ineffectiveness of the metal buckle in order to hold the feet in its place while dancing.
  • The metal buckle can be a bit difficult to open when you need to get rid of the shoes pretty quickly.

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Dress first T-bar dance shoes

Elegant swing shoes are somewhat missing from the market, but these pair of shoes will definitely make up for all the people seeking out elegant swing shoes that comes with a breathable lining. Due to the breathable lining, provide your feet with the coolness that it deserves while vigorously dancing.

Dress First Flats Dance Shoes Women Low Heel Genuine Leather Pumps T-Strap Latin Ballroom Salsa Shoes,1" Black

Features: –

The sole of the shoes are created out of a very thin piece of suede, therefore making it completely breathable, while at the same time not suitable to be worn around water. Moreover these kinds of shoes also have a very small heel which is about 1 inch exactly, which makes it very easy for people to dance while maintaining the perfect portion of necessary for swing dancing. The toe region becomes a bit too narrow to make the shoes look elegant, but it can be a tad bit uncomfortable for the people with a wider set of feet.

Pros: –

  • The presence of breathable lining is one of the best features associated with this product.
  • Different styles of dresses can be worn with this pair of shoes.
  • It contains the suede sole, as well as the leather upper region, making it perfect for swing dancing.

Cons: –

  • Due to the narrow region around the toe, these pair of shoes can be problematic to be worn by the people that have a wider set of feet.
  • Since the soles of the shoes are made out of suede, one needs to be careful to not step in water while wearing them.

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Rockport Cobb Hill collection

While looking for the best swing dance shoes, these pair of shoes from Rockport Cobb Hill should definitely get your attention. It has the perfect T-Bar sandals style form with seems to be perfect for the people that would like to take up swing dancing. They are extremely comfortable, and manufactured with the materials which are genuine, and also consist of a heel which is about half an inch.

Rockport Cobb Hill  Women's Aubrey-CH Heeled Sandal,  Navy, 5 M US

Features: –

These pair of shoes comes with EVA foam in the foot bed, which is perfect for the people that would like to take up swing dancing for an extensive period of time. It provides breathable room to your feet while ensuring that the cushioning provides no pain even after dancing a long period of time. They are also available in a wide range of colors and therefore it would be appropriate for the people looking to use these pair of shoes for any formal occasion as well.

Pros: –

  • The use of genuine leather has made this product a durable one.
  • Due to the presence of the foam foot bed, these pair of shoes is extremely comfortable.

Cons: –

  • The normal size associated with these pair of shoes are on the narrower side, therefore they are not suitable for the people that have a wide set of feet.

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Buying guide for swing shoes

There are a few features that need to be a part of your purchasing spectrum when you think about getting the best swing shoes. They include;

  • Rubber soles– Traditionally speaking, rubber soles have always been a part of swing shoes, particularly in places that have extremely sticky flooring. With the rubber soles, one would be able to get a proper grip on the floor when they are moving pretty fast, and definitely ensures that proper swing dancing can be carried out. However, having rubber soles in the shoes can also make it pretty difficult for you to spin with that pair of shoes, so be careful when using rubber soles.
  • Leather soles- One of the most popular choices when it comes to swing dancing, leather soles are practically one of the best things that your pair of shoes can have in your feet when you are swing dancing. You would be able to slide in the floor with ease, while ensuring that you can maintain a very small style of dancing. However, in sticky floors, these kinds of shoes tend to come with a lot of unease while dancing.
  • Heels– Having heels in the shoes are a personal choice, but in most cases, they are to be found in the swing shoes. However, the heels should not be large enough in order to create problems for you like posting your ankle while you are dancing. Therefore, get heels with a medium height and that would be more than enough for your dancing needs.

Conclusion: –

A good pair of swing shoes can definitely make or break a lot of dancing regimen. This is the reason why you need to be able to realize the potential of having a good pair of shoes and using it to its full potential. In order for you to procure the best swing dance shoes, you can have a look at some of the items that we have listed above; all of them fall within a certain price bracket and are well within the reach of people with a limited stream of income.

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