Best Ballroom Dancing Shoes for Beginners

Now that you have decided to take a ballroom dancing, you need to start by taking the plunge and booking the first lesson that would help you set up your base for such kind of dancing. However, it is important for you to also have the appropriate clothing accessories, and in this article we will be focusing on the ballroom shoes exclusively.

Primarily, there are five different styles of dancing in the ballroom, mainly the tango, foxtrot, quickstep, Viennese waltz and the waltz. Expansion in contemporary dancing styles like the American smooth as well as Lindy Hop has happened over time. It is always important to dress the part to ensure that you do not feel out of the loop when you are dancing. Therefore, proper accessories will not only be an important part of your dancing regimen, but also important to ensure that you do not feel out of the loop. With the different kinds of dancing styles, it would be a pretty hard thing for you to choose a particular form of dancing that you would be enamoured with for the rest of your life.  However, whichever style of dancing you would want to go to, it is almost always a necessity to purchase proper ballroom shoes for the durability, appropriate protection and support in your dancing Avenue. After all, protection of your feet while dancing is a very important thing that you need to remember.

Tips for choosing the Best Ballroom Dancing Shoes 2019

There are various things that can go wrong when you are trying to purchase ballroom dancing shoes for the very first time. All of these features can be avoidable if you research on your own and find out the ones which are compatible to your needs. You do not have to end up spending over the top in order to get proper dancing shoes for ballroom dancing; all you need is a proper pair of shoes that can provide you with stability while dancing.

  1. It is important for you to avoid having open toe shoes. As amateurs, you are more susceptible to getting trodden on your shoes very regularly and open toe shoes will remain unprotected, leaving you with injuries, which is not the case with covered shoes.
  2. Do not purchase shoes which are backless, simply because they need to be fitting snugly in your feet. When you are wearing backless shoes, there is ample chance for you to kick off the shoes from your feet while you are dancing vigorously.
  3. Although it may look elegant, but the heels of your ballroom dancing shoes should be very low in order to maintain the proper dance form while looking elegant. When the heels are small, you also get accustomed to wearing them, and it is also the best way for amateurs to learn the art of dancing in the ballroom pretty easily without being encumbered by large heels.

Best closed toe ballroom shoes

TDA womens T-strap glitter dance shoes: – TDA has always produced extremely high quality yet affordable dancing shoes for different kinds of styles of dancing. This version of the closed toe happens to be perfect for salsa dancing while providing appropriate protection for your toes, and giving an elegant appearance to your feet.

best ballroom shoes for begginers


The sole of the shoes are semi padded in order to provide flexibility. The shoes are also incredibly versatile; while they happen to be perfect for dancing, you can also use them while going to any event. They can be used for gliding across the floor; however they have enough traction in order to keep the movements of your dance precise and proper. This variant of shoes also has a heel choice, where you get to choose between the different dimensions of heels that you can wear.

Pros: –

  • The shoes are very comfortable and do not require a lot of time to break in.
  • It is properly priced.
  • There is a wide range of colors.

Cons: –

  • There is a long waiting time to get your hands on these pair of shoes.
  • There are no ankle straps for support.

Joocare cross strap dance shoes: – The ballroom shoes from Joocare and exquisite in their support and comfort while the double ankle strap can also help you to feel secure without the unnecessary fear of sliding off. One of the important aspects of dancing is your form as well as the balance, and all of that will be substantiated and better helped with the addition of the buckle.


Features: –

This pair of dancing shoes comes with a padded insole that can protect your feet after going through a long session of training. They have been designed with the help of a very supple leather vamp so as to create a feeling of lightness while dancing. Moreover the material is extremely cool and provides for proper ventilation in your feet while dancing. The heels are also about 2.5 inches which is elegant while at the same time does not cause any danger of having to twist your ankle while dancing.


  • The ballroom shoes are made up of material which is breathable.
  • The shoes are pretty supportive and comfortable.
  • These are a good pair of soft suede shoes.

Cons: –

  • It is only available in the black colour.

GetMine ballroom dance shoes: – GetMine ballroom dance shoes add a lot of sparkle to your feet while at the same time providing all the glitz and glamour along with proper support while you are dancing. Created out of faux leather, these are extremely high quality shoes which are durable, fabulous looking while at the same time comfortable as well.

Features: –

The sole of the shoes is covered with a woollen material, which is not as ideal as suede, but does the job of providing comfort and protection while dancing. Moreover the heels of the shoes also have skid resistance, which makes them perfect for people that like to dance for a long time. They also come with an ankle strap; however they are quite thin, and are susceptible to damage if not properly taken care of. There are a lot of colors available for this pair of shoes, and also with a small field of about 2 inches, this pair can be used for different dancing styles.

Pros: –

  • These pair of shoes is true to size.
  • It provides excellent support due to the insoles.
  • The pair of shoes is extremely comfortable to wear while dancing.

Cons: –

  • Due to the thin ankle strap, there is a problem with security while dancing.

Lovely beauty ballroom dance shoes: – When you want to dance all night long, then this particular pair of shoes will be the ideal companion. They have got both a wide heel as well as a small heel which can provide you with appropriate comfort while dancing.

beginners ballroom shoes

Features: –

For those that like casual dancing practices, this particular pair of shoes happens to be the ideal companion. It has suede sole that is about 2.5 mm thick, which makes it more durable than most of the other dancing shoes available. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, making it a proper fit for any other occasion that you want to wear it. The support features an excellent sense it comes with criss-cross straps that can fit snugly in your feet. Such kind of shoes is extremely good for any kind of dancing forms like the Samba, Jive and even the foxtrot.

Pros: –

  • This pair of shoes looks flattering.
  • They are extremely good for amateur dancers.
  • They are extremely comfortable.

Cons: –

  • For people with wider feet, the elastic straps may seem to be unnecessarily tight.

GetMine ballroom dance: – Made from the stables of GetMine, these pair of shoes is elegant to look at, while at the same time have a greater along with a 2.2 inch heel which can make you feel brave. Created out of satin fabric, these are available in a wide range of colors that you can very easily choose from.

best ballroom shoes

Features: –

The shoes come with a nonslip suede sole, which can be perfect for the people practicing their dancing for on cement dance floors or even the wooden ones. Gliding across the floor with grace can be very easily achievable with this particular pair of shoes. Skid resistance and balance are provided by the suede in the shoes. Appropriate comfort can also be found due to the cushioning insole found in the shoes. The heels are reasonably high, while the presence of the criss-cross straps make it extremely good as a form of supportive dancing shoes.

Pros: –

  • It has a cushioning insole for added comfort.
  • It is durable and contains nonslip suede sole for grip and stability while dancing.

Cons: –

  • Having a 2.2 inch heel can be pretty tricky for the beginners to navigate the dance floor in.

Best open toe ballroom shoes

TTDancewear Latin dance shoes: – As the name suggests, this strapping Latin dance shoes are specifically for the Latin form of dancers like the Samba or the Salsa. However, this kind of dancing shoes can be used for any dancing form that has a lot of vigorous leg movements. This is an amazing pair of shoes that not only is covered with different beautiful rhinestones, but they are perfect for beginners due to the wide range of colors that they can be found in.

Features: –

It has an open toed structure which comes with a 2.5 inch heel as a standard feature. However, you can also customize it with a 3 inch heel if you prefer. The heels provide amazing traction when dancing. For beginners, particularly the ones that would like to exaggerate their dance moves; this is the perfect pair of shoes that they would like to get.

Pros: –

  • This pair of shoes is true to size.
  • It is extremely comfortable.

Cons: –

  • Due to the long ankle strap, one would need to trim it if they have narrow feet.

JZNX Latin ballroom shoes: – JZNX have been creating extremely good pairs of dancing shoes, with proper materials and excellent manufacturing and design capabilities. This pair of shoes comes with a lovely satin as the primary material which is a great absorber of sweat from the inner lining of the feet.

best latin shoes for beginners

Features: –

The perfection noticed in this pair of shoes by this manufacturer is the sizing, as if you order the street size; you would be able to find this to be a snug fitting. There are many people that have faced no problems in getting this particular pair of shoes for their dancing as well as extracurricular needs. This pair of shoes comes with very soft suede leather and it is very flexible. The soles of the shoes are also extremely comfortable with the help of a cushioning insole for comfort. The best part of it is that it does not require a lot of breaking in and it is very comfortable out of the box.

Pros: –

  • Does not require an extensive time for breaking in.
  • It is made out of breathable material.
  • It is true to size.

Cons: –

  • This pair of shoes can be considered to be pretty expensive.

Conclusion: –

The best ballroom shows for amateurs are always the ones which fit each and every requirement of a person, and in this case it happens to be the GetMine ballroom dance shoes. The best part about the shoes is that it is perfect for the ballroom with its sparkly surface in the top. Moreover, it is also an amazing brand, but particularly apt for the amateurs that are getting into the ballroom dancing. The feed will be protected while at the same time a very low heel will be able to stabilise the entire body while dancing. The buckles are also very easy to open and close and the glittery dancing shoes will definitely get you a lot of compliments.

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