Best shoes for dancing hip hop

With the amount of craze for dancing amongst the youngsters, it goes without saying that different forms of dancers would require specialist equipment to produce the best results. To that effect, hip-hop dancing is one of the newest forms of dancing, and something which seems to be a colloquial version of the new age dancing feature.

However, it also means that there are specialist shoes which will not only be ideal for the people dancing hip-hop, but also for other miscellaneous activities to be done with those shoes as well. So, let’s have a look at some of the best hip-hop dancing shoes that money can purchase.

Bloch dance women split sole hip hop dance boots

Bloch Women's Militaire Hip Hop Boot Dance Shoe, Black, 8 Medium US

A pioneer of shoes in Australia, Bloch started in the 1930s were one of the most famous manufacturers of comfortable dancing shoes in that particular part of the world. One of the well-known brands, they have been able to create high-quality dancing footwear that not only has been serving ballerinas across the world, but they have now become a well-known name in the hip-hop industry as well. Over time, they have been able to expand into something of a brand ensure manufacturing and they definitely have been doing themselves proud with the kind of manufacturing of shoes that they have provided.

Features: –

Bloch hip-hop dancing shoes are inspired by the military, and has been designed keeping in mind the increase amount of flexibility as well as the ruggedness necessary in order to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activity. It also comes with a reinforced toe so as to create a tapping effect if there is any need for it in that form of dancing. It also has a side zipper so that the boots can be very easily worn if you need it to happen. There are also laces in the boots so as to provide a casual look while wearing it with some other wardrobe.

Pros: –

  • These hip-hop dancing shoes are completely made by humans without any machine work.
  • These are imported from Australia and come with superior quality assurances.
  • They have a synthetic sole to provide maximum gripping while dancing on slippery surfaces.
  • They have a side zipper for speedy wearing of the dance boots if there is any need for it.
  • It also contains of platform which measures about half an inch, making it ideal for small dancers.

Cons :-

  • There is only one color – Black, making it a very one dimensional product that you can wear with a very limited choice of wardrobe.

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Capezio women’s DS11 fierce Dansneaker

Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dance Sneaker,Black,7 M US

Fierce Dansneakers are one of the best-known flexible dancing shoes that you can find in the market. It comes with a cushioned Achilles notch, which provides for superior comfort while dancing for long hours. Moreover, it also has a forepart spin spot which makes it ideal for the people that like dancing in a single position. The lightweight design of these particular flat dancing shoes is not only good but also a fact that the content premium material which makes it very sustainable for a long period of time. Above all, this has been made by a brand that has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing dancing shoes for the world.

Features: –

Be it for your hip-hop or Zumba dance lessons or even your Aerobic classes, these dancing shoes will definitely stand the test of time. It contains a platinum toe along with lightweight construction in order to make it the optimum choice for people willing to dance for a long period of time. Moreover, there is an upper mesh in the shoes which provides for superior airflow and ventilation while dancing, and at the same time ensuring that there are no problems with dancing for a long period of time. Amongst other things, you realize that the lacing system has been included in order to provide for excellent security and comfort.


  • There is a split sole system for added flexibility while dancing.
  • There is an arch support system to maintain and preserve the condition of the shoes with the extensive use.
  • There is a padded tongue as well as all along with the Achilles notch for superior comfort while dancing.
  • Properly contoured and it is inclusive of polyester cotton laces for superior stability and grip.

Cons: –

  • This pair of dancing shoes is only available in two colors- black and caramel, leaving people with a limited choice of color options.

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HIPPOSEUS woman’s dance sneakers

HIPPOSEUS Women's Dance Sneakers with air Cushion Modern Jazz Hip Hop Dance Shoes,Black,Model T01, 9 B(M) US

Modern dancing is all about form and fitness. With the women’s dance seekers from Hipposeus, you should not have to worry about are compatible pair of dancing shoes anymore. It is super comfortable, and also created with breathable material that will enable you to enjoy dancing without finding your feet sweating at all intervals. Moreover, it has a mesh in the upper portion of the shoes, thereby providing it with airflow while dancing. This is simply a wonderful product that stands the test of time simply because it is flexible while providing for the perfect fitting for people seeking out good quality dance shoes.


The dance shoes from Hipposeus contain a split sole which provides for maximum flexibility while dancing. It also has laces upfront which will be able to secure the shoes, making it the perfect fit for people seeking out good quality dance shoes. It is also created with a very lightweight material and also contains mesh in the upper portion so as to provide proper air flow, and make the entire dancing shoes breathable for the person using it. Above all, it also contains a rubber sole which provides for superior gripping while dancing on slippery surfaces as well. Due to the best material like good quality canvas being used in the creation of this product, traction as well as breathable and proper absorption features for the shoes will be readily available and without any kind of problems.

Pros: –

  • The dancing shoes contain a rubber sole which provides for a superior gripping in any kind of surface.
  • It is made out of breathable material and also contains proper sustainability during long hours of dance practice due to superior sweat absorption.
  • It has a split sole so as to make it flexible while dancing.

Cons: –

  • The air cushioning used in this pair of dancing shoes can deteriorate with regular usage.

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Urban Groove hip-hop work boot unisex dance boot

Urban Groove Hip Hop Work Boot Unisex Dance Boot Camel 7.5AM

Hip-hop requires a certain amount of dedication in order to learn the dance, and proper dance wear definitely help you in that aspect. For proper hip-hop dancing shoes, going for the ones from Urban Groove will definitely be the best thing for you at this given moment. It contains a nonslip outsole which is extremely good in terms of securing the feet within the shoes while dancing. It also comes with a very secure lacing system so as to ensure maximum stability and comfort while dancing. Moreover, it also comes with a full-length zipper which is very easy to use and makes for quick and efficient change in the shoes if there is any need for it. This would be a perfect addition to any wardrobe, and not particularly for the people that would like to use it only for hip-hop dancing.

Features: –

This hip-hop dance shoes from Urban Groove contains faux suede in the upper portion which provides it with a rugged look. However, it is also extremely lightweight and very flexible enough in order to go about dancing in a routine manner without any kind of problems. It has a triple padded collar that comes with a lacing system which is secure enough in order to keep the feet in a steady position while dancing. It is ideal for both men and women to wear this kind of dancing shoes simply because it looks wonderful with any kind of wardrobe.

Pros: –

  • The hip-hop dance shoes from Urban Groove contain a zipper closure which is ideal for fast changes of shoes.
  • Nonslip outsole is present to prevent any kind of slipping while dancing.
  • Sizes for both men and women can be found with the manufacturer, ensuring that it is not inconvenient to wear for any of the sexes.

Cons: –

  • The size of the shoes for women and small girls will need to be smaller by at least two sizes from the street shoes.

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Final Thoughts on Best shoes for dancing hip hop

As with any product that you would likely want to purchase with your money, you need to be able to exercise your due diligence and go for a product that seems to be the best fit for you at the given moment. Do not always be swayed by the brand, but also look at the fitting as well as the kind of materials used in the product before you look into purchasing the product for yourself or for anybody looking to pursue hip-hop dancing as an activity, or as a serious dance professional or instructor.

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