Best Pointe shoes for wide feet

One of the milestones for any ballet dancer is to go el pointe i.e, on point. However, finding the right shoes for ballet dancers that have wide feet can prove to be a bit difficult. It is not merely about the shape of your feet, but the fact that you need to find the perfect pair of shoes that will be able to help you achieve the perfect form for your ballet recital.

Shape of the feet dictates the kind of shoes

Different shapes of the feet definitely dictate the kind of pointe shoes that you should purchase. Each and every function of the shoes has been produced in order to fit a certain size, even though it depends upon the uniqueness of the dancers on its usage. If you have flat feet, then you obviously require a lower vamp and a soft shank in order to achieve the desired form.

The pointe shoes are generally pretty narrow, and most of the people would have difficulty in finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Difficulty in finding pointe shoes for wide feet?

There are different reasons as to why people with wide feet do not purchase pointe shoes. This is primarily due to the fact that having wide feet normally ensure that you would find a pair of shoes that are fitting according to the balls of your feet. However, the heels become too wide, which is never the point with the pointe shoes.

If you have problems with the overall fittings of the pointe shoes, mainly due to short toes, the changes should be done to the padding.

Procuring the right kind of shoes for wide feet

Wide and tapered feet– If the big toe is longer than all the other toes, and it is tapering downwards, then you would have people feet. If it is wide, then you would require a pair of shoes which are triangular in nature.

Wide and square feet– If you have square feet, it is pretty easy to recognise wherein all your toes will be of an equal length. Therefore, you would need a square box as well as a very high ground. The square will be depending upon the shape of your feet.

Inverted feet-When the two toes in the beginning happen to be of a similar size to the big toe and it starts tapering from there, then one has inverted feet. Therefore, one would need a rounded square box that has a high wing.

Some of the good brands for pointe shoes

Russian pointe– Created in the year 1998 in Moscow, these are one of the premium and most popular brands of dancing shoes. These are especially good for people that have a wide set of toes simply because they have been created with a narrow heel.

Freed– The Company which is based in London is amongst one of the best-known designers and manufacturers of dance shoes for professionals. Having been in business since 1929, their pointe shoes are amongst the best that you can find in the United Kingdom.

Grishko-A popular brand making use of natural materials, Grishko is amongst the best when it comes to using the finest satin in their shoes in order to provide it with a wonderful appearance. The shoes are also stable and the platforms are flat in order to provide excellent balance on pointe.

Bloch– A relatively popular brand amongst dancing shoes, Bloch has been making pointe shoes for quite a while. Their professional quality products are amongst the best for people that have started dancing all the way to professionals.

Best pointe shoes for wide and square feet

Grishko Elite

If you are looking for pointe shoes that are the saving grace for your wide feet, then these are the pair of shoes you’re looking for.

They are suitable if you also have a longer second toe, however the general shape of your feet should be square.

They are created out of the usual high standards as professed by Grishko, which also incorporates the cotton drawstrings to protect the tendonitis from getting unnecessarily twisted. It also has a good flexibility, along with proper support to the feet.

Russian Made Adult"Elite" Pointe Shoes ELITEMED3.5XXX 3.5XXX

Pros: –

  • The quality of the shoes is amazing.
  • These pair of shoes is known to be pretty durable.
  • The fabric used in this product is exquisite.

Cons: –

  • The Crown of the shoes is pretty high.

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Capezio Plie II

For the people with wide and square feet, this particular pair of shoes will be ideal. These pair of shoes are created from good quality materials, also has a very soft outer covering as well as a satin binding so as to make the entire product look elegant and wonderful.

Dancers that have a lot of difficulty in finding good quality shoes for their square feet would find this product to be the proper one according to their tastes.

It also contains a broad toe box which is properly feathered, ensuring that it is amongst the best that they can purchase for their money. The overall box is also very short, contains a pretty soft shank, so as to make it very easy to roll the feet during the ballet dance recital.

Capezio Women's Pli II Pointe Shoe,European ,4 W US

Pros: –

  • Good quality materials have only been used in the creation of this product.
  • The product does not make a lot of noise when it is in use.

Cons: –

  • This product does not come with elastic or ribbons like the other pair of shoes.
  • The size of these pair of shoes can be pretty small.

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Best pointe shoes for wide and tapered feet

Russian pointe Entrada

Amongst some of the most popular dancewear, the Russian pointe Entrada is a product that is highly coveted by most of the dancers across the world. For the people that have very narrow metatarsals, this is the product of their choice. It is also great for the dancers that have very wide feet.

For those that have a need to practice extensively, this particular pair of shoes will definitely help them out. Created out of the natural materials, they are excellent in terms of looks while at the same time the arched construction will be able to mimic the shape of the feet. This ensures that the feet will be able to feel good while dancing as well as ensuring that any kind of pointe work that needs to be done will be done effortlessly.

For the people that have tapered feet, this is the perfect product for them. It is containing a medium height Crown which is ideal for people with wide feet. It also has a minimal break-in timeframe, making it the ideal product to be used on a daily basis.

Russian Pointe Entrada Pro Pointe Shoes, V-Cut Flexible Medium Shank - Size 37, Width 2, Vamp V2

Pros: –

  • The shank associated with this pair of shoes is pretty long lasting.
  • Due to the proper arch support, it is great for highlighting the particular portion.
  • Minimal break-in period associated with this product.
  • It contains six different width options for people to choose from, along with six different options for Shanks.

Cons: –

  • The Crown in the shoes can be a tad bit high.

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Best pointe shoes for wide feet

Grishko 2007

Grishko 2007 is a pretty popular choice for people that would like to develop new skill levels in their dancing regimen. It comes with a U-shaped vamp which is exquisite for those with a medium platform along with profile in terms of dancing. It also contains a suede sole, ensuring that the product is durable, while making it easy enough to dance with.

With the anatomical feature of about three fourth shanks, which is one of the newest additions in this category, it has been able to provide a very easy transition for dancers from the Demi pointe to the point position as well as going back to that position without any problems. The primary reason for the popularity of this product is due to the excellent balance that it provides along with proper placement, comfort as well as durability associated with this product.

For the people that have inverted style feet, this is the recommended pair of shoes. This is primarily because they have a tapering front, and it is primarily long in the back portion. For those that have extremely strong feet, and are suited to different needs along with proper sizes, this product contains all of those customisations and further options if there is any need for it.

Grishko 2007 - Hard Shank (6 XXXXX)

Pros: –

  • This pair of shoes is extremely light, and therefore makes a lot less noise.
  • They are elegant to look at.
  • It is available in two variants, the medium and the narrow version.

Cons: –

  • Although a new technology, the three fourth shanks is not suitable for everybody.

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How to get the perfect fit for shoes?

When it concerns shoes for dancing, particularly pointe shoes, it is very important to ensure that proper form is maintained while dancing. For that to happen, one need to ensure that the region of the toes are not curled, moreover there should be no feeling of pinching in that particular region.

When using the shoes, you need to ensure that the ballet tights are worn underneath as it would be able to add a new dimension to the feeling of when the dancing is commencing. Although very new shoes might be a bit stiff in the very beginning, it is slowly going to come down to your comfort level.

However, if you notice that there is no development in the comfort level of the shoes even after wearing it for a long period of time; chances are that it is the wrong pair of shoes. You have to ensure that the big toe does not feel a lot of pressure when going into the point formation. If that happens, you would need a tapered shoe.

Amongst all the reviews provided, you can very easily take your pick as to the kind of shoes that you would want to purchase in order to practice the pointe feature in your ballet. It is one of the most integral parts of the ballet, and continues to be one of the most impressive features in this particular dance form.

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