Dance floor lights

Dance floor lights

When you plan a party or a function in your house or even in a particular venue, having a dance floor seems to be a no-brainer feature. With the dance floor, you would not only be able to engage all your guests to that particular function, but you will also ensure that everybody has a jolly good time.

However, simply having a dance floor is not going to cut it; you need proper dance floor lights which have the proper ambience to make it seem like a discotheque.

It is in this environment of people would have the most fun while dancing with their near and dear ones.

Suny laser lights DJ stage lighting

Suny laser lights DJ stage lighting

When you are looking at amazing dance floor lights, this is a product that you can very easily look out for. It is particularly useful for the people that would like to have a dance floor within the confines of their own house, while at the same time diversifying the kind of lighting effects that they would be able to get from this product.

It is pretty easy to install and therefore makes it a compulsory part of every dance floor for people with a limited stream of income. Moreover, it also has different kinds of amazing effects and laser combinations along with color features that cannot be seen in any of the dance floor lights that you can purchase from the market.


The dance floor lights are extremely easy to install wherein you just have to plug it and start playing it. Due to the different kinds of amazing color combinations with the laser, the entire dance floor will look amazing, even without any other accompanying feature. Moreover, this product contains one particular switch which will be able to easily switch from the different modes of playing the laser lights, making it a vital part of any kind of dance floor. At the end of the day, this is definitely going to bring a very good atmosphere to the people looking to set up such a dance floor for the Christmas holidays.

Pros: –

  • It is very easy to use and contains a plug and play feature.
  • There are different kinds of laser color combinations within a single product.
  • It can bring a colorful atmosphere for the Christmas season.
  • Colorful lights can be very easily switched on and off with a single button.
  • Alternating between different play modes is very easy.

Cons: –

  • These dance floor lighting can be hazardous for people suffering from mental trauma.

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Litake 36 LED Par lights

Dance floor lights

The Litake dance floor lights are excellent to look at and come with different mounting features like brackets that can be used in order to mount the lights in the roof for maximum effect in the dance floor.

Moreover, it has the perfect pairing of RGB lighting that can be used for any kind of occasion, be it for the Christmas party or even for a wedding dance. Amongst other things, the lighting effects are extremely good, come with static as well as dynamic color changes and will be able to fit the description for a perfect dance floor lighting that you would want for the dance floor.


This dance floor lighting contains a remote control for easy access to the lighting changes. Moreover, it has over seven effect changing options that you can choose from and the speeds are also adjustable. All you need to do is to choose a particular mode and it will play that exclusively. Above all, there are four intelligent digital displays that can be used in order to get an accurate understanding about the lighting effect. The clear screen display is also pretty efficient and accurate when you are looking at proper lighting effects.


  • Easy to use lighting changes with the help of a remote control.
  • There are seven types of light effecting changes most of which can be sound activated. The speeds of the lighting can also change according to your choice.
  • There are four advanced digital displays to provide an accurate understanding of the lighting system.
  • It has the perfect RGB pairing of lights that can be used for any professional or amateur event.
  • It comes with mounting brackets so that installing or mounting this particular dance floor lights on the roof or even in the truss of the building is not a problem.

Cons: –

  • Amateurs will not be able to use the dance floor lighting properly without taking time to read through the instructions.

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Sound activated party lights

Sound activated party lights

With acoustic activation being a very important part of modern households; it goes without saying that even the dance floor lighting has now started incorporating this feature. With this sound activated party lights, you would definitely be able to see that in action.

There are over three different kinds of sound activated modes in this particular dance floor lighting, and there are over seven kinds of lighting modes that can be activated with this particular feature. Moreover, it also has a changing disco lighting system that is perfect for any kind of a venue or even an occasion as sober as a wedding dance.

Features: –

This sound activated dance floor lights come in the changing disco light feature wherein there is also a disco ball light which is very easy on the eyes, and comes with a wide range of colors. There is also a handy remote which is provided with these party lights to easily access and control the lighting system. It is also a plug and play feature, and therefore you do not need to worry about spending a lot of time understanding the workings of this particular product. It is perfect for any kind of occasion bait for your Halloween party or even for a proper dance recital within the confines of your own house.

Pros: –

  • These dance floor lights can be sound activated.
  • The dance floor lights contain LED lights which are very easy on the energy consumption and therefore do not create massive energy bills even after usage for a prolonged period of time.
  • These dance floor lights come with the disco lighting system which is easy on the eyes.
  • It is a plug and play feature and therefore pretty easy to use and does not require extensive amount of knowledge for proper lighting to happen.

Cons: –

  • Please be aware about fraudulent sellers selling this particular product as a lot of people have been misled into buying the fake product.

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Litake party lights disco ball strobe

Litake party lights disco ball strobe

Litake has been a notable feature in the disco floor lights for a considerable period of time and they have been able to bring products which are very easily managed by the people looking for comprehensive disco floor lighting.

Due to the multi-functionality of this product in terms of the different kinds of disco lights that you can get, it goes without saying that a lot of people are interested in the procurement of this product. The best part about disco lights is the fact that most of them are nowadays remote-controlled and therefore does not require a lot of human intervention.

This frees up a lot of time for people to go about doing their activities instead of having to continuously monitor of the console for disco lights.

Features: –

The LItake disco lights come in a wide range of colors, and have rotating speed control for the disco ball as well as different kinds of sound activated modes along with seven lighting modes that one can choose from. It also has a flash control for the speed, ensuring the people do not feel nauseous when looking at the disco lights. Moreover, it is extremely easy to use with a plug and play feature that most of the people would be able to easily take control of the disco lights without any kind of problems. It is perfect for any kind of occasion, be it for the DJ parties, or even for your Christmas and Halloween parties.

Pros: –

  • This disco light comes with a disco ball strobe.
  • There are two different remote controllers that can be used in order to change the lighting system, along with sound activation so as to make it very easy to use.
  • There are over seven different kinds of lighting modes to choose from.

Cons: –

  • People have complained about no solid-state color in these disco lights.

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LaluceNatz disco light

LaluceNatz disco light

The LaluceNatz disco lights have been in the market for quite a while, maintaining their presence in some of the most professional disco setups across the world. There are a lot of people that swear by the disco lights provided by this brand, and it is not without any cause.

The fact remains that they produce some of the best multifunctional stage lights that can be used for larger venues while at the same time their smaller variant can be used for the smaller venues as well. It is these disco lights that fall under our attention today.

Features: –

It has a built in trigger automated program so as to project the best wide-angle beams to get the best effect of disco lights from the various modes. It is sound activated, and also contains strobe lighting which makes it efficient and an imminent part of the disco lights. It also has multifunctional stage lights so that it would be able to easily alternate between disco lights and lighting for larger venues.

The control is very easy, and comes with an IR remote control making it pretty easy to operate. Premium metal housing as well as a built-in cooling fan ensures that this product will be able to remain in service for a longer period of time. The smart design ensures that maximum amount of lighting can be achieved from a single source of the media lights without any problem.

Pros: –

  • These DJ lights can be very easily fixed in any stand are anywhere that you want with a mounting bracket.
  • It comes with strobe lighting along with auto play feature and sound activation to make it easy for the disco lights to function without any human intervention.
  • Different kinds of stage lighting can be achieved from a single source of these DJ lights.

Cons: –

  • A few people have complained about the overall weight of this product.

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Closing thoughts on Dance floor lights

Finding the perfect dance floor lights can be pretty challenging, but with a few features and options in front of you, the job becomes a lot easier. The remote control feature of the dance floor lighting is an essential part and should always be there for any dance floor lights that you short list. Moreover a variety of patterns as well as multitudes of colors is also a necessary feature in the dance floor lights, the absence of which will render the entire aspect of the dance floor lighting to be redundant.

How to Sing Better

How to Sing Better

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2) Perfect Your Pitch!

Online Singing Lessons - Perfect Pitch

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3) Enhance Your Vocal Tone!

Singorama 2.0 vocal lessons

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best online singing lessons

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Online Singing Lessons

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    • A: Anyone can learn to sing, but they must be patient and consistent in their practice. No bodybuilder goes from skinny to muscular over night. Everything worth pursuing takes practice and patience.
  • Q: Can you learn how to sing higher notes?
    • A: Of course you can! The Singorama 2.0 will teach you the proper techniques to hitting notes you never thought you could hit!

Portable dance floor

Portable dance floor

Dancing is a mainstream activity that not only seems to be a wonderful way to exercise your body, but also happens to be one of the most expressive methods for human emotion.

However, dancing also requires a lot of hard work on a daily basis, and for that to happen; one needs ideal settings in order to look into proper dancing form and fitness.

This is the reason why purchasing portable dance floor is all the rage nowadays; it is primarily because people think about the safety and security of themselves while dancing and the portable dance floor is the ideal companion for all dancing forms.

Dot2dance authentic marley portable dance floor

Dot2dance authentic marley portable dance floor

As a portable dance floor, this product is definitely amongst one of the best love product globally. It is a genuine dance floor which comes with safety and security for the users in the form of nonslip flooring. It is perfect for the people dancing ballet, simply because it provides appropriate safety in the form of tapering edges, which is ideal for those perfecting their ballet form. Amongst other things, it also has appropriate control and perfect spotting which is easy for the people taking up dancing as an amateur.

Features: –

The dot2dance portable dance floor is made out of authentic Marley flooring which is excellent in terms of being anti-slip, and continues to be a formidable part of any portable dance floor that you can find in the market. It only weighs about 8 pounds, so it is very easily transported from one place to the other without any problems. It can also be used for people learning about dancing for the very first time simply because it has enough injury prevention features in the dance floor so as to prevent people from falling down unnecessarily. There has also been an increase in the safety and security by providing tapering edges, and that in itself goes a long way into creating the perfect portable dance floor that one can very easily purchase.

Pros: –

  • It comes with certified “Marley” flooring feature which makes it one of the safest portable dance floors you can find in the world.
  • It comes with tapering edges so as to provide appropriate security when dancing.
  • It is excellent for ballerinas, figure skaters as well gymnastics in order to get the perfect form for when they are dancing.

Cons: –

  • Shipping remains a big problem with this product not being shipped to all parts of the world.

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Greatmats Marley dance floor

Greatmats Marley dance floor

This reversible black and grey dance floor from Greatmats has been pulling a lot of attention for the people looking at dance floor installations in their house. It is very easy to install, and this kind of ballet dance flooring can be used for temporary or even a semi-permanent installation feature. Amongst other things, what you would find is that the material used in this product is extremely versatile; therefore ensuring that it would be able to fit in with any kind of background in the house as you might want.


It has a dual tone reversible feature of black and grey which makes it look wonderful to the naked eye. It is also very easy to install and can be even removed without any kind of problems. It is a versatile kind of flooring which will be able to work with different kinds of dance forms such as modern dance, jazz or even ballet dancing. The flooring solution can also double up as normal flooring for those that might not have a big budget for flooring. It also has a matte finish which makes it anti-slip, making it the perfect platform for people to practice their dance form. Above all, it is portable, thereby making it a flexible addition to any dancer’s equipment that they would like to carry around with them.

Pros: –

  • With around 52 ft.² of coverage, this is an extensive dance floor that can be used for practicing any kind of dance form.
  • It is versatile so as to withstand a lot of wear and tear from various types of dancing.
  • It is very easily able to double up as a flooring solution for studios as well as homes or any kind of stage performances.
  • The matte finish provides it with an anti-slip feature for safety during practice.

Cons: –

  • Other forms of vigorous dancing like a pop might not be sustainable in this dance floor.

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Incstores 9 piece modular tap Dance set

IncStores - 9 Piece Modular Tap Dance Set with Edge Pieces (Oak) - Excellent for use as Portable Dance Floors, Trade Show Booths, and General Flooring

Dance floors are normally seen in discos or venues that have been specially built for dancing. However, when you need to practice your dance in your own house, you would need to build appropriate flooring that is not only good enough to sustain the constant wear and tear of dancing, but also provides you with a safe space which is devoid of any kind of slippery surface. With Incstores 9 piece modular tap Dance set, you would be able to get all of that and much more. You would be able to build up modular tiles that can suit the entire ambience of your room, while ensuring that you also have a surface where you would be able to practice your dancing without falling down due to the slippery surface.

Features: –

These are modular tiles which are gridlocked and can be used for any kind of commercial setting like dance floors, wedding receptions as well as for yoga centers as well. These are perfect for users within your own house such as basement flooring, home gymnasium or even flooring for your workshops simply because it provides efficient flooring solution without any kind of problems. Moreover there are different varieties for you to choose from ensuring that you will never have to worry about coloring or any other problems normally associated with tile selection.

Pros: –

  • This kind of modular tiles will be able to double up as your flooring solution as well as a dance floor.
  • It comes in different textures and colors for you to choose from, ensuring that you have a wide range of selection in your grasp.
  • It is extremely lightweight, and therefore does not cause any kind of heavy baggage to look flooring.
  • It is going to come with the anti-slip feature, ensuring that you would be to practice your dancing without any problems.

Cons: –

  • It is basically used for tap Dancing, and might not be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear from other forms of vigorous dancing.

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Portable dance floor with pro Marley material

Portable dance floor with pro Marley material

When professional dancers prefer to practice in the comfort of their own house or in the dance to you, they need a surface that is not only good for dancing, but also practical in its comfort Essence. With the portable dance floor, one would be able to get all of that and much more without any kind of problems. This product is essential for any kind of dance and that would want to practice their trade at home at any moment. Moreover, this turning board is preferred for any person that has a small enough space in their house and would want to get the best possible comfort associated with dancing.

Features: –

This turning dancing board comes with a 16 inch portable disc which enables you to dance properly while keeping in mind the particular form of dancing that you would want to go for. It has enough space, and it can be easily elongate to 30 inches, which is ideal for small dancing studios and homes. Moreover, it enables a certain amount of comfort and space with proper surfacing associated with this product. Made out of premium Marley material, the flooring is excellent in terms of providing safety and security to all kinds of dancers.

Pros: –

  • This product has been primarily created keeping in mind the safety of the dancers with the help of anti-slip bottom and tapering edge on the surface.
  • This is a disc -shaped, ensuring that homes with a very small amount of space can also work perfectly for this product.
  • It is safe to be used for any dance studio or even the surface of your house.
  • It is made out of Marley material for the flooring which is excellent in terms of nonslip feature.

Cons: –

  • This product is always in high demand and almost always remains unavailable for a considerable period of time.

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Snapfloors modular dance floor kit

SnapFloors 3X3OAKFLOOR Modular Dance Floor Kit (3' x 3'), OAK, 21 Piece

Snapfloors has had a tremendous amount of success in bringing modular dance floor kits to the world and this product is not different. It is versatile in the fact that it would be able to create a portable dance floor which will be able to deliver importance on making music for any kind of tap dancer. Moreover, it is pretty easy to assemble and does not require any kind of extensive knowledge of any kind of external tools as well. The complete kit comes with all kinds of interlocking panels as well as edging to ensure that the dance floor is properly fitted and can be used within a few minutes of delivery of the product.

Features: –

This Snapfloors modular dance floor kit comes with nine interlocking panels which are very easy to assemble and does not require any kind of external tools. Moreover, it is pretty lightweight at only about 18 lbs and therefore it also makes it easily portable to any part of the room. It is very easy to clean, ensuring that you do not need to worry about maintaining it regularly. Above all, in case there is any water spillage, you need not worry since it is hundred percent waterproof. It is ideal for use either outdoors or indoors without any kind of damage done to the surface of the dance floor.

Pros: –

  • This product has been designed to stay in a single place unless moved, even with a lot of movement on the dance floor.
  • It is hundred percent waterproof making it perfect product for both indoors and outdoors usage.
  • It is lightweight and very easily portable.
  • The entire assembly kit comes with only nine interlocking panels which makes it very easy to assemble after delivery of the product.

Cons: –

  • This 9 ft.² dance floor panel might not be large enough for hip-hop dancers.

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Final thoughts on Portable dance floors

Amongst other things, you need to be looking at the safety and security of yourself while dancing. So, why you need proper dancing shoes, having a portable dance floor is also going to go one step closer to ensuring that you are safe and secure in the comfort of your own dance studio or even in your own house with this particular product. The anti-slipping bottom feature which is normally found in the portable dance floor is one of the best ways to ensure that there is no problem that you face while dancing and even practicing your dance form.

Best shoes for dancing hip hop

Best shoes for dancing hip hop

With the amount of craze for dancing amongst the youngsters, it goes without saying that different forms of dancers would require specialist equipment to produce the best results. To that effect, hip-hop dancing is one of the newest forms of dancing, and something which seems to be a colloquial version of the new age dancing feature.

However, it also means that there are specialist shoes which will not only be ideal for the people dancing hip-hop, but also for other miscellaneous activities to be done with those shoes as well. So, let’s have a look at some of the best hip-hop dancing shoes that money can purchase.

Bloch dance women split sole hip hop dance boots

Bloch Women's Militaire Hip Hop Boot Dance Shoe, Black, 8 Medium US

A pioneer of shoes in Australia, Bloch started in the 1930s were one of the most famous manufacturers of comfortable dancing shoes in that particular part of the world. One of the well-known brands, they have been able to create high-quality dancing footwear that not only has been serving ballerinas across the world, but they have now become a well-known name in the hip-hop industry as well. Over time, they have been able to expand into something of a brand ensure manufacturing and they definitely have been doing themselves proud with the kind of manufacturing of shoes that they have provided.

Features: –

Bloch hip-hop dancing shoes are inspired by the military, and has been designed keeping in mind the increase amount of flexibility as well as the ruggedness necessary in order to withstand the wear and tear of everyday activity. It also comes with a reinforced toe so as to create a tapping effect if there is any need for it in that form of dancing. It also has a side zipper so that the boots can be very easily worn if you need it to happen. There are also laces in the boots so as to provide a casual look while wearing it with some other wardrobe.

Pros: –

  • These hip-hop dancing shoes are completely made by humans without any machine work.
  • These are imported from Australia and come with superior quality assurances.
  • They have a synthetic sole to provide maximum gripping while dancing on slippery surfaces.
  • They have a side zipper for speedy wearing of the dance boots if there is any need for it.
  • It also contains of platform which measures about half an inch, making it ideal for small dancers.

Cons :-

  • There is only one color – Black, making it a very one dimensional product that you can wear with a very limited choice of wardrobe.

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Capezio women’s DS11 fierce Dansneaker

Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dance Sneaker,Black,7 M US

Fierce Dansneakers are one of the best-known flexible dancing shoes that you can find in the market. It comes with a cushioned Achilles notch, which provides for superior comfort while dancing for long hours. Moreover, it also has a forepart spin spot which makes it ideal for the people that like dancing in a single position. The lightweight design of these particular flat dancing shoes is not only good but also a fact that the content premium material which makes it very sustainable for a long period of time. Above all, this has been made by a brand that has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing dancing shoes for the world.

Features: –

Be it for your hip-hop or Zumba dance lessons or even your Aerobic classes, these dancing shoes will definitely stand the test of time. It contains a platinum toe along with lightweight construction in order to make it the optimum choice for people willing to dance for a long period of time. Moreover, there is an upper mesh in the shoes which provides for superior airflow and ventilation while dancing, and at the same time ensuring that there are no problems with dancing for a long period of time. Amongst other things, you realize that the lacing system has been included in order to provide for excellent security and comfort.


  • There is a split sole system for added flexibility while dancing.
  • There is an arch support system to maintain and preserve the condition of the shoes with the extensive use.
  • There is a padded tongue as well as all along with the Achilles notch for superior comfort while dancing.
  • Properly contoured and it is inclusive of polyester cotton laces for superior stability and grip.

Cons: –

  • This pair of dancing shoes is only available in two colors- black and caramel, leaving people with a limited choice of color options.

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HIPPOSEUS woman’s dance sneakers

HIPPOSEUS Women's Dance Sneakers with air Cushion Modern Jazz Hip Hop Dance Shoes,Black,Model T01, 9 B(M) US

Modern dancing is all about form and fitness. With the women’s dance seekers from Hipposeus, you should not have to worry about are compatible pair of dancing shoes anymore. It is super comfortable, and also created with breathable material that will enable you to enjoy dancing without finding your feet sweating at all intervals. Moreover, it has a mesh in the upper portion of the shoes, thereby providing it with airflow while dancing. This is simply a wonderful product that stands the test of time simply because it is flexible while providing for the perfect fitting for people seeking out good quality dance shoes.


The dance shoes from Hipposeus contain a split sole which provides for maximum flexibility while dancing. It also has laces upfront which will be able to secure the shoes, making it the perfect fit for people seeking out good quality dance shoes. It is also created with a very lightweight material and also contains mesh in the upper portion so as to provide proper air flow, and make the entire dancing shoes breathable for the person using it. Above all, it also contains a rubber sole which provides for superior gripping while dancing on slippery surfaces as well. Due to the best material like good quality canvas being used in the creation of this product, traction as well as breathable and proper absorption features for the shoes will be readily available and without any kind of problems.

Pros: –

  • The dancing shoes contain a rubber sole which provides for a superior gripping in any kind of surface.
  • It is made out of breathable material and also contains proper sustainability during long hours of dance practice due to superior sweat absorption.
  • It has a split sole so as to make it flexible while dancing.

Cons: –

  • The air cushioning used in this pair of dancing shoes can deteriorate with regular usage.

Check latest prices at Amazon

Urban Groove hip-hop work boot unisex dance boot

Urban Groove Hip Hop Work Boot Unisex Dance Boot Camel 7.5AM

Hip-hop requires a certain amount of dedication in order to learn the dance, and proper dance wear definitely help you in that aspect. For proper hip-hop dancing shoes, going for the ones from Urban Groove will definitely be the best thing for you at this given moment. It contains a nonslip outsole which is extremely good in terms of securing the feet within the shoes while dancing. It also comes with a very secure lacing system so as to ensure maximum stability and comfort while dancing. Moreover, it also comes with a full-length zipper which is very easy to use and makes for quick and efficient change in the shoes if there is any need for it. This would be a perfect addition to any wardrobe, and not particularly for the people that would like to use it only for hip-hop dancing.

Features: –

This hip-hop dance shoes from Urban Groove contains faux suede in the upper portion which provides it with a rugged look. However, it is also extremely lightweight and very flexible enough in order to go about dancing in a routine manner without any kind of problems. It has a triple padded collar that comes with a lacing system which is secure enough in order to keep the feet in a steady position while dancing. It is ideal for both men and women to wear this kind of dancing shoes simply because it looks wonderful with any kind of wardrobe.

Pros: –

  • The hip-hop dance shoes from Urban Groove contain a zipper closure which is ideal for fast changes of shoes.
  • Nonslip outsole is present to prevent any kind of slipping while dancing.
  • Sizes for both men and women can be found with the manufacturer, ensuring that it is not inconvenient to wear for any of the sexes.

Cons: –

  • The size of the shoes for women and small girls will need to be smaller by at least two sizes from the street shoes.

Check latest prices at Amazon

Final Thoughts on Best shoes for dancing hip hop

As with any product that you would likely want to purchase with your money, you need to be able to exercise your due diligence and go for a product that seems to be the best fit for you at the given moment. Do not always be swayed by the brand, but also look at the fitting as well as the kind of materials used in the product before you look into purchasing the product for yourself or for anybody looking to pursue hip-hop dancing as an activity, or as a serious dance professional or instructor.

Best Digital Piano Reviews

Best Digital Piano Reviews

In the process of selecting the best digital piano, you will buy needs great amounts of care and precaution. Even if digital pianos are cheaper than the traditional ones, buying one is still an expense that may hurt your finances significantly. Because of that, it is a great idea to take your time on thinking which piano will be right for you.

In the sections that follow, there are some reviews about a few of the most prominent and even the unrecognized pianos available on the market. In the event that one of those pianos is the piano you would want to buy, carefully read the comparisons provided on this page. This is to prevent you from buying something you will regret.

Things to Consider before buying a Best Digital Piano

The aspects that you need to ponder depend on why you need to buy a piano. Are you aiming to learn how to play a piano? Or do you want to have a great sounding piano for gigs?

On the other hand, are you like some people who just want to take home a digital piano to make it as a household decoration? Alternatively, are you looking for one since you want to give it to someone special? You should know exactly know your reason for you to estimate the value you will spend when you decide which piano you will buy.

Once you know your reason, you can start looking for the piano that will satisfy your goal. You have many options on how you can look for one. A few of them are the internet and music stores.

During your search, you can check five traits you can base your decision on. It is important for you to check meticulously every piano you will encounter. Here are five traits you will need to base your decision on.

  1. Sound: In this aspect, it is up to you and your ability to know the difference between a good sounding piano and a great sounding piano. It is difficult to rate the sound quality of the pianos, especially if it is your first time to buy one. In this aspect, you might need to get assistance from experienced musicians when you start browsing for the piano you will buy.
  2. Look and Feel: If you already played a piano before, using a digital piano might bewilder you. However, modern digital piano manufacturers today have made it possible for users to experience the feel of a real piano. In addition, those pianos can emulate the dynamics of the tones, making it sound and feel like you are playing the real thing.
  3. Pricing: On this criterion, it all depends on the budget that you will set aside for the piano you would want to take home. However, never assume that a great digital piano is expensive. That is one fallacy you should not follow when looking for an excellent instrument.
  4. Additional Features: Asides from imitating a real piano, manufacturers add features that can enhance their consumer’s piano playing experience. Some of them include features that can teach a newbie piano player to master playing the instrument. On the other hand, some makers of digital pianos include sound enhancing features.
  5. Feedback: Looking for customer feedback is important when looking for any product you will buy. Even if a piano has a great sound, some of them might get broken after a few months of use. To avoid getting a low quality piano like that, you must know what users of the piano will say about it.

Best Digital Piano Reviews

Even though choosing a piano needs utmost care, deciding on which piano you will buy is very simple. All you need to do is to rank the pianos you want, and compute which one of them will give you the most out of your money. The basic guideline is to choose the cheapest model that can deliver high quality sound and feel.

Top 10 Digital Piano Review

To make life simpler for you, below are a mix of ten of the most known and underrated digital pianos on the market. They are rated based on the five traits mentioned above. You can use this review as a standard when looking for the piano you will get.

How the Ratings Were Assigned

Every piano is scored from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. After their scores for every criterion was determined, all of those scores were added. Then, they were ranked according from the total amount of points they were able to obtain.

Review Disclaimers

However, do not assume that if a product receives a very low score in a certain criterion, it is already bad. Remember that this review will only compare the selected ten pianos. These pianos are some of the best synthesizers out there on the market.

As an additional note, the data from the feedback criterion were gathered from various sources. The scores generated for that aspect was based from the number of positive reviews against the number of negative reviews. Also, the number of buyers who got the piano being reviewed is also spliced to the feedback score calculation.

Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano Premium Pack

Best Digital Piano

If you are looking for a great sounding piano, look no more. Yamaha’s YPG-235 has realistic sounding tones that can compete with real stringed pianos. It has a portable ‘Grand’ button that when you push it, it will unleash its capability to sound like a high quality grand piano.

Moreover, with a price range that goes around $250 up to $700 (the price varies depending on the product retailer), most piano players find this as a great bargain. On another note, out of thousands of instruments being sold on Amazon, it was able to get a rank of 58.

Most customers that have this product are delighted to have this. However, some of them are a little disappointed since it only has 76 keys with graded soft touch. The keys offer very little resistance that gives difficulties to some experienced piano players.

Casio PX-330 88 Key Digital Stage Piano with Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action

Digital Piano Reviews

For veteran piano players, this product is an excellent pick. It has an excellent sound production capability that can be even improved by its reverb, chorus, and brilliance features. In addition, its pedals with the half-damper function can help make the sound more beautiful.

On the other hand, its 88 keys tri-sensor scaled hammer action feels like a real piano. The resistance of the keys is perfectly emulated. And you can easily get used to its weight action.

You will appreciate this instrument if you will use it for gigs and during travel. The piano is lightweight since it weighs 26 pounds. In addition, it is very skinny, which makes it easy to carry around. It is definitely a must buy for experienced and veteran musicians.

Casio AP220 Celviano Digital Piano with Bench

Just like the PX-330, the AP220 have a great feel. Well, they share the same engineering and the same number of keys. The keys of this piano respond nicely to the speed and pressure of its player.

Many customers are happy with its abundant features (and with the bench that comes with it). It is also an excellent teaching piano. It has a Duet Mode that splits the keys into two parts; the left part of the keys is for the teacher, and the right part of the keys is for the student.
In addition, it has two headphone ports specially made for both the piano teacher and student. Because of that function, it has been hailed as one of the most bought digital pianos in Amazon.

However, on the sound department, it does not compete very well with the other pianos listed here. Careful listeners may find its sound a little unsatisfying when it is compared against a Yamaha YPG-235. Nevertheless, people who bought this are satisfied with the quality of the sound it produces.

Casio Privia PX-130 88-Key Digital Stage Piano

The Privia PX-130 is another one of Casio’s line of best digital piano units that has 88 tri-sensor keys with weighted scale hammer action. Just like the previous Casio piano products mentioned before, it shares most of their features including the Duet Mode.

Compare to the AP220, it has a better piano like sound. Many customers are convinced that it feels and sounds like a real piano. Asides from that, the other voices this piano is also excellent.

This piano does not have any distinct features to boast against the other pianos listed here. However, it can be considered as a standard for digital pianos. Because of that, it has also become one of the most sold pianos on the market.

This piano is ideal for school, church, and home use. And with its 8 watt speakers, it is enough to fill a big room with its sound. Moreover, the price range of this piano is around $500 up to $700, which is not very bad for an average digital piano.

Yamaha DGX-530 Keyboard, 88 Full-Sized Lightly Weighted Piano Style Keys

Yamaha is surely a leader when it comes to the quality of the sound of its manufactured synthesizers. The Yamaha DGX-530 is one of the most well received pianos by the consumers. Its fame is mostly attributed from the sound it creates.

Its biggest advantage against other digital pianos is its stereo speakers, which is hugely responsible for its great sound. Its speaker system is a two way that has separate tweeters and woofers. Because of that system, the sound it delivers is lifelike and clear.

In addition, it has bass boost ports that further enhance the lower notes. Those ports make it possible for the piano to produce a deeper low-end impact. Moreover, this unit has true stereo sound that contributes to its sound’s realism and spatial depth.

On the other hand, this product comes with Yamaha’s Education Suite. It has 30 built songs that player can examine and listen to. Also, when you buy this piano, you will get a CD-ROM that contains 70 more songs.

Yamaha DGX640W Digital Piano (Walnut)

The Yamaha DGX640W is one of Yamaha’s top of the line digital pianos. It has 88 keys that are made in accordance with Yamaha’s graded hammer standard. Its feel is okay, but Casio’s weighted scaled hammer action is better.

In terms of sound, the DGX640W is also one of the best there is. This is because it also has DSP (Digital Signal Processor) effects that you can use to add more color to the music it generates. And it has Yamaha’s ‘Live!, Cool!, and Sweet!’ voices that adds a lot of realism and dynamism to its sound arsenal.

The only huge drawback about this unit is its price. With a whooping standard price of $1,300, people are highly discouraged to buy this excellent product. They must either look for discounts online, or just wait for Black Friday to come before they can get it at a cheaper price.

In addition, it is not that portable. That is why it is ideal for music rooms and drinking lounges. But overall, it is one of the most underrated pianos on the market because of its price and immobility.

Casio AP420 Celviano Digital Piano with Bench

Similar to Yamaha’s DGX640W, the Casio AP420 Celviano is one of the underrated pianos on this list. And it shares the same fate of having a hefty amount for a price tag. This model roughly costs around $950 up to $1,500.

Even though it has mediocre sound quality, its keys make up for that lacking. Again, just like any Casio piano, it also has the Tri-Sensor hammer action. Though, the only difference is that it has an ivory matte surface that makes it classy compared to the other pianos on this list.

Most of the consumers that bought this product are happy with its high quality construction, which is rare with the Casio brand. A few customers bought this for the reason they just want an excellent replica of a piano. And it is a good thing that AP420 did not fail them.

It looks like a real piano, sounds like a real piano, and it feels like a real piano. In addition to that, it has two pieces of 20-watt speakers. And because of that, it is capable of giving a ‘boom’ whenever a player uses it.

Yamaha NP30 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

In the event that you want a starter digital piano, the NP30 is ideal for you. Its biggest edge against all the pianos that were reviewed on this list is its price. With a small amount of $300 or $400, you can instantly buy one. However, do not expect too much about its quality. As you can see, its price is really scary. Nevertheless, it can produce average quality sound enough to make a beginner happy.

In addition, this is ideal for students. It does not cost much, and it is the one of the lightest model of digital pianos out on the market. It only weighs around 12 pounds. Moreover, it is virtually portable. The manufacturer of this product, which is Yamaha, has made this piano operational even with batteries.

On the other hand, even with its simplicity, it has a decent amount of features that can make your piano playing worthwhile. Though, if you want to make it to become a more decent piano, you might need to buy some accessories for it.

Yamaha P95B Digital Piano, Black

For something that has a base price of $900 on Amazon, this product is overpriced. It only gives out standard quality voices and a standard feel for its players. Although it has a nice design and is simple, it is not worth your money. It lacks most of the common features that the other new pianos manufactured by Yamaha have. And two of the best features that it does not have are the USB to device and USB to PC functionalities. It is too bad that the only connection port that it has is its MIDI I/O port.

On a different note, people who bought this product are confused on whether the pedal that comes with is good. Some say it provides a nice sustain, while others are unsatisfied with it. Nevertheless, even with its major disadvantages, many people are still buying it. But the only time it will be recommendable to get this is when you have some money to burn. Otherwise, it is an unwise choice to buy one.

Yamaha P-85 Contemporary Digital Piano

Unfortunately, this instrument does not fare well with the crowd. Well, the low customer feedback score above is due to its low popularity. As of now, it has a ranking of 10,414 on Amazon’s list of musical instruments.

Even if it is made by Yamaha, its sound quality is not that great. That is why it is somewhat weird people are still selling this model for a base price of $900. Though, if you are resourceful enough, you will be able to find some merchants who only sells it for $500 or less.

But nobody can blame this product for having such low scores since it is already an old model. It does not have the chance to stand out to the newer models included on this review list. However, the good thing about this product is its reliability.

As of now, no complaints about it being shabby exist on the net. Nevertheless, it is not a good idea to choose this over to the other new pianos you will find in the market. Unless you are into collecting old Yamaha models, it is not advisable to buy this.

In a Nutshell…

You should now have an idea on which digital piano you would want to buy. After reading those reviews, you can now analyze if the piano that you want to buy is worth it.

As a word of advice, even if you have read most of the pros and cons listed above for every piano, you should still research more about them. It is important since some of the aspects that you must consider are subjective. This is especially true when it comes to sound quality.

And since the only brands listed here are from Casio and Yamaha, many people may argue about the accuracy of this review. Some musicians believe that other brands of digital pianos are better than the two brands mentioned, take Korg as an example. While others may even say that soft touch action keys are better than keys with graded hammer action.

Ergo, it boils down to one’s perception and subjectivity. However, when choosing the best digital piano unit that you want, do not become bias. Always make sure that you become critical whenever you scrutinize the models that you will check. But to make sure that you will not make the wrong choice, follow the steps mentioned on the top on how to choose the right digital piano.

Piano For All Review

Piano For All Review

Will the piano for all site help you learn piano or keyboard easily and effectively without having to waste money, time and energy on costly piano lessons? In fact, don’t be tricked by the deceiving articles trying to sell you their untested piano lessons.

Piano for All Review

Piano for all is one of the most comprehensive online piano lessons developed by certified piano teacher Robin Hall. With his in-depth knowledge and teaching experience, he developed this e-course in such a way that it is best suited for novice, intermediate and advanced piano students and he correctly branded his e book Piano for all.

Piano for All Review

Piano for all programs can speed up the learning process of piano students. The step by step simple methodology helps to anyone to become master in short time. In this Piano for all review, we’ll explore the feature of this e-course.

Piano for All-Unique learning process

One can learn to play piano with Piano for all easily as it is a complete encyclopedia of piano lessons. This e-course contains 10 piano books in printable pdf format for beginners and advanced learners. It is comprised of 500 audio lessons and 200 video lessons. This unique online piano lessons help to master even a layman to master piano playing techniques.

Piano for all teaches you in a different way to learn to play piano by teaching how to play by ear, how to use chord charts and how to read music all at the same time. It teaches from the basic level. Robin Hall revealed the secrets of mastering piano in his e-course. Based on different skill level, he carefully creates his lessons. Even a novice can learn to play keyboard easily as every lesson has audio and video demonstration.

The criterion of Piano for all is that while making simple and step by step lessons for beginners, it feeds advanced piano students also by providing complex lessons. Thus, it suits all.

Learn to play piano- The Content of Piano for All

The first book Party Time – Rhythm Style piano starts with absolute basics like how to find the notes assuming you have no musical basics at all. It shows how to place your fingers. Blue book helps to learn beginners blues patterns and rifts.

Chord Magic helps to play basic chords and combination of chord sequences with rhythm. Then, you can get Advanced Chords book. Ballad Style helps to master piano and makes you to play like a professional. The final book Jazz Piano Made Easy helps to render authentic sounding Jazz pieces in no time.

Learn to play piano

The pros

Piano for all is available for just $ 39.95. Since it is online piano lessons and downloadable, one can get with few mouse clicks. An interesting feature is that you have option to buy just one or the desired books. The price of each e-book starts with $9.95. This flexible pricing of Piano for all makes one to buy as per his/her budget.

Another appealing feature is its money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the contents and feel they are not right for you, you can get back your money as it comes with complete money back guarantee.

In order to decide whether it suits you, you can download a sample page to know how the course is laid out and how it works. It comes with 60 day money back guarantee. Avail this opportunity using the superb content, material and teaching methodology master the art of playing piano with this excellent e-course Piano for all.

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Best Karaoke Machine Reviews

Best Karaoke Machine Reviews

With all the karaoke machines in the market today, we felt it was important to give a few of our karaoke machine reviews. Nothing beats the experience of live performances but you need not wait for the next big artist to come to town when you have a quality karaoke machine sitting in your living room.

Karaoke machines have outgrown their big bulky image over the years and become smaller, compacter but more powerful and versatile. Some can accommodate expandable memory sticks with the latest songs, others can take in more than a single microphone connection.

Then there are some standalone devices that can stream live videos onto the television screen or playback mp3 and videos in high definition.

Depending on the features, quality and brand, a karaoke machine can cost under $100 or three times that amount. However at the end of the day, you should be looking for something that fits into your budget, provides you the features that best suit your requirement and lasts long enough to extract maximum entertainment.

Thankfully, you need not spend hours researching online, pulling out your hair to land on the perfect karaoke machine. These karaoke machine reviews have all the research you need and can help you find a perfect fit exactly catered to your budget and your requirements.

MicroKY Duostar Portable Karaoke- Best Portable Karaoke Machine

MicroKY Duostar Portable Karaoke

South Korea may have given the world Psy and Gangnam style but much before that there was the MicroKY Duostar Portable Karaoke machine. This Korean import has got a wide collection of over 5000 songs inbuilt into its hard drive with a chance to further expand the collection using six expansion ports.

You can stream live pictures, video or playback mp3 files from the Flash drive or its internal hard drive through a direct RCA or HDMI port.

The MicroKY Duostar is tagged as a portable machine because of its compact size, wireless microphones and petite carry bag. With a tiny space saucer shaped main unit and a mic stand for the two microphones, it hardly takes up any space on the road.

Take it to your friends or carry it along on vacations throughout the world but do take it because its something you simply would not want to live without.

Fun and simple to use, plenty of options to ensure high quality reproduction of original tracks and the ability to record directly onto the USB drive as mp3 files are what further add to its glamour.

If what you need is a compact mp3 player/karaoke machine with a good portability index and high quality, then the Duostar from MicroKY is your safest bet although it is premium priced compared with other equally endowed players.

Karaoke USA Karaoke System (GF829)- Best Home Karaoke System

A complete karaoke entertainment system, the Karaoke USA Karaoke System (GF829) features a small 7 inch TFT screen, boom box, USB/Flash drive port, dual mics, remote control, DVD playback ability and built in 300 MP3G karaoke tracks.

Quite simply speaking this is the best home karaoke machine on the market for about $150. If you are not all that interested in getting the best professional grade karaoke machine but only want something to have around the house for parties or small family gatherings then this is the perfect karaoke machine for you.

At one point in time, the GF829 from Karaoke USA was their top of the line model, which offered way more features than any other expensive karaoke machine.

Now even after being in the market for a couple of years, it still manages to give a good run to more expensive Japanese or Korean brands.

Not exactly your professional quality sing-along quality system but more of an in-house entertainment system, the GF829 should provide hours or unending fun for friends and family members.

Plus its compact size with a 7inch TFT screen makes it portable in nature running on a 120 Volt power source. Simply plug it, select a song either from its inbuilt list or an external flash drive and start jiving to the groove as you reproduce originals with your own twist.

Remember to record them directly into a SD card so that you can post it online, share with friends and relive these moments in the future.

Singing Machine SML-383P- Best Kids Karaoke Machine

Available in a cute pink color, the Singing Machine SML-383P provides hours and hours of endless fun for kids within the age group of 6 to 14 years. While not everyone can become a Justin Bieber or a Selena Gomez, one can at least replicate the same at home.

Children will love staying up late and singing to their favorite tracks, rehearsing their vocal performances and learning the intricacies associated with synchronized duets.

Featuring a couple of microphone inputs and echo balance with decent voice control and disco lights, it looks flashy with just the right amount of attraction quotient to draw the attention of any child.

This karaoke machine is super affordable and nicely designed. It might not be as sturdy or gifted as a Yamax or a MicroKY but that is not something a child is anyways going to look at.

Baring a few complaints against its hard to operate vertical CD player design and normal grade speakers, the Singing Machine SML-383P receives overall a decent 4/5 star rating on Amazon and elsewhere.

As long as adults don’t get their hands dirty on this karaoke machine, it should survive long enough to become the most cherished Christmas/Birthday present for kids.

Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2- Best Karaoke Machine Under $100

Packed to the rafter with studio like recording and playback features, the Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStand 2 is possibly the best karaoke machine under $100. The base of its long stand provides plenty of control dials to play with the volume and other settings.

It even accepts a separate connection from a musical instrument such as a keyboard or a guitar to add more flair to your group karaoke sessions.

Moreover, with a powerful audio built into the base and a stand for your tablet or smartphone on top of the stand, you can actually connect your iPhone, mp3 player or any other device directly to this stand karaoke machine and blare out tune after tune of your choice.

The biggest attraction point of this karaoke machine is the ability to create personalized playlists and use mp3 music files as the base for your karaoke performances. It provides a chance to mute the voice in songs so that you can convert a normal mp3 format file into a karaoke file.

The auto voice modulation mode further helps in negating any unwanted voice fluctuations that you or the track might produce and all these features, together, automatically enhances your voice much beyond your wildest imagination.

VocoPro DVX-668K- Best Professional Karaoke Machine

VocoPro DVX-668K Multi-Format USB/DVD/CD+G Player

Professional karaoke machines understand the need to depend on quality accessories such as microphones, original mp3g tracks and a full blooded audio processor to extract the most out of one’s voice. That is why the VocoPro DVX-668K features a simple DVD/MP3/USB and MP3-G system which can stream music from both the USB and DVD format.

If you love to create your own playlist and sing to only your favorite tracks without having everything inbuilt for you, VocoPro DVX-668K will prove to be a good professional grade investment.

Yes, you will have to purchase couple of decent microphones and rely on mp3-g cds, but in the end the exquisite sound reproduction, voice clarity and cleaner music of this karaoke machine will blow your mind away.

Remember that professional karaoke machines are not about being ergonomic or easy to use rather show more concern towards raw performance, expecting the user to invest into everything else other than the karaoke machine itself.

Best ballet shoes for toddlers

Best ballet shoes for toddlers

One of the most interesting activities for both the young girls and boys would be ballet dancing. It gives them hand eye coordination, grace, as well as discipline and hard work. However, before starting on the ballet practice, considerations need to be provided as to the proper kind of ballet shoes for toddlers.

There are a few things that we mention in our reviews pertaining to the purchase of the ballet shoes, mostly pertaining to the features, along with the style and the things you need to do in purchasing the right kind of ballet shoes.


With fashion changing on a daily basis, style plays a very important role in the procurement of proper ballet shoes for your children. This is the reason why a few important differences need to be understood before choosing the right pair of shoes.

Leather vs canvas

The ballet slippers made out of canvas are extremely popular as well as comfortable and more flexible than leather, which makes it great for the children to wear. However, when it comes to strain provided on the canvas, it would not be able to withstand as much as leather ballet slippers. The leather tends to be more durable for children that happen to be running around much more.

Split sole vs full sole

The split sole ballet shoes happens to be very common amongst the ballet dancers were adults as it provides them with additional flexibility and exaggerates the point. However, the muscles of children have not yet been strengthened, and therefore it would be recommended for them to look at the full soled ballet shoes.

Moreover the full sole ballet shoes will be able to create more stability and resistance, thereby leading to the build-up of muscles as necessary for proper ballet dancing.

The fittings of ballet shoes

One of the most important considerations when purchasing the best ballet shoes for your children is a proper fit. It should be able to fit just like a sock without any kind of sagging materials or extra room. However, please remember to ensure that the toes of your children are not curling or there is no pinching of any sort as it would only add to the pain.

Which size to purchase for your child?

When purchasing ballet shoes, it might be tempting to go for a few sizes larger, simply because replacing them might become are some however please refrain from doing so.

Ballet shoes fittings are essential for proper ballet recital, and through online purchases, it is important for you to purchase the proper size of ballet shoes.

As a general rule, it would be good to purchase the “toddler” size for children under five years of age and “little kid” size 4 children between the ages of 5 to 10. For children over the age of 10, purchasing the “big kid” size seems appropriate.

Best split sole ballet shoes for toddlers

DiPug canvas ballet shoe

These kinds of ballet shoes are affordable, come with excellent quality and are extremely good for the tiny ballet dancers. Moreover, they are also available in a huge range of different colors and it also consists of a canvas material in the outer layer which makes it moisture resistant for any kind of durability that you need.

Ballet Shoes Ballet Slippers for Girls Toddlers Canvas Dance Shoes Yoga Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid/Women) (US 2M Little Kid, Ballet Pink)

Features: –

These kinds of ballet slippers have a special toe shape design in order to provide perfect balance while dancing. There is also the presence of a drawstring to provide the perfect fitting to the shoes. However it is necessary to consult the measuring chart in choosing the correct size for your child.

Pros: –

  • This particular pair of shoes is easily washable and affordable.
  • They are available in a wide range of colors.

Cons: –

  • Without consulting the measuring chart purchasing according to the street size of your child’s feet is not the right thing to do.

Click here to buy at Amazon

Stelle canvas ballet slippers

Stelle is a reputed brand which makes gear specifically for ballet, and has been added for a long period of time. This product that they have made which is created out of lightweight canvas is breathable, and also contains a leather or suede sole.

STELLE Girls Canvas Ballet Slipper/Ballet Shoe/Yoga Dance Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid/Women/Boy)(5MT, Ballet Pink)

Features: –

The shoes are wonderful to look at in a way that it is durable, while it is also available in most colors like black, white, pink and tan which are specially liked by children. They also have cross straps so as to prevent the children from falling down when they are practicing their ballet moves.

Pros: –

  • This product is very easily washable.
  • The craftsmanship and this product is unique and of supreme quality.
  • They have a wonderful range of sizes.

Cons: –

  • One needs to look at the measuring chart before ordering online.

Click here to buy at Amazon

Stelle leather ballet shoes

This particular pair of shoes happens to be the split sole variant which also comes with leather sole as well as materials which are breathable. It means that the product can be very easily wiped down and the leather sole is waterproof as well along with the resistant to a lot of wear and tear.

STELLE Girls Canvas Ballet Slipper/Ballet Shoe/Yoga Dance Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid/Women/Boy)(5MT, Ballet Pink)

Features: –

The leather sole ballet shoes can be found in standard colors of pink, black and nude. These also contain across elastic features which will provide efficient support to children dancing rather than going for a drawstring bow. They also have an elastic rim for efficient support. These are particularly beneficial for the children that have a tendency to risk injury due to undoing any lace ties.

Pros: –

  • The PU happens to be flexible and can very easily mold according to the size of the feet.
  • It is pretty easy to clean.

Cons: –

  • The PU is susceptible to cracking after a few months of use.

Click here to buy at Amazon

Capezio love ballet slippers

These are the latest split sole variant from Capezio, the leading ballet shoes maker in the world. It is also a popular choice simply because they have been able to create one of the best quality shoes with the pink colour variant very much in demand.

Capezio Love Ballet Flat (Toddler/Little Kid),Pink,10 M US Toddler

Features: –

The primary benefit of using these pair of shoes is that it provides a mature look to the children while ensuring that the fittings out shoes can be well enough for them to wear without any problems. It also has a mesh growth package which is in the middle section, and is elastic in nature in order to provide comfort while dancing.

Pros: –

  • The ballet slippers have pretty decals of hearts, butterflies and flowers in the lining.
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • Along with the growth, the fitting will also be expected to give room to the feet of the children.
  • It has a professional appearance and is of a great quality.

Cons: –

  • It does not have a lot of choices in size.

Click here to buy at Amazon

Best full soled ballet shoes for toddlers

Stelle premium leather

With a lot of people preferring the full sole ballet shoes for their children, this leather pair from Stelle is the best choice at the given moment. It is of a great quality, manufacturing is good and authentic leather has also been included within the shoes to make it lightweight and comfortable at the same time.

STELLE Premium Leather Ballet Slipper/Ballet Shoes(Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) (9MT, Ballet Pink)

Features: –

The inclusion of proper leather makes it one of the best-known for sole ballet shoes for children across the world. The quality and durability is never in question. Moreover it comes with a single elastic strap so as to provide additional support and comfort while dancing.

Pros: –

  • It is of a great quality.
  • Good materials have been used to make the product.

Cons: –

  • It is not very easily washable due to use of genuine leather.

Click here to buy at Amazon

Capezio Daisy 205

If you are looking for a good pair of full soled leather ballet slippers; this is the product that you would need. High quality leather sole is to be found in this particular pair of slippers. It also has an elastic band as well as a drawstring for holding the fort in its place while dancing.

Capezio Daisy 205 Ballet Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid),Ballet Pink,8 M US Toddler

Features: –

The primary benefit of these pair of shoes is the standard sizing as well as its availability for a wide range of sizes. Moreover, the use of the high quality leather sole makes the product durable, even after a lot of wear and tear.

Pros: –

  • It contains durable leather.
  • Due to a full soled feature, it is long-lasting as well as flexible.
  • It has multiple sizes to choose from.


  • You need to properly check the sizing start before placing the order.

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Bloch Bunnyhop ballet shoe

The Bunnyhop ballet shoes which are full sole are very much in demand due to it being affordable and comfortable. The brand, Bloch is also a well-known brand which is respected all throughout the world for producing proper ballet gear.

Bloch Dance Bunnyhop Ballet Slipper (Toddler/Little Kid)  Little Kid (4-8 Years), Pink - 10 C US Little Kid

Features: –

This product comes with a leather exterior as well as a synthetic sole in order to provide durability and comfort within the ballet shoes. However, they are only available in the pink colour. One of the most important factors about these pair of shoes is the extensive sizing available.

Pros: –

  • There is an extensive range of sizes.
  • It would be fitting perfectly when following the guidelines.

Cons: –

  • It is only available in pink colour.

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Ruqiji canvas full sole ballet slippers

These are the pair of ballet slippers which are exclusively made out of canvas, have a full sole both of which is not a very common combination. However, it is still very affordable and a wonderful pair of ballet shoes that you can get for your children.

Bloch Dance Bunnyhop Ballet Slipper (Toddler/Little Kid)  Little Kid (4-8 Years), Pink - 10 C US Little Kid

Features: –

It contains a sole that is skid proof, also has an elastic criss-cross top for providing appropriate support while dancing. There is also an elastic drawstring for the benefit of the children. Moreover, the material of canvas used in the product is of the best quality make it comfortable for the children.

Pros: –

  • It has proper fitting as expected.
  • It is very much an affordable pair of shoes.
  • They have unique designs.

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Which colour ballet shoes to purchase?

Typically speaking there is a lot of colors for ballet shoes, particularly pink, tan/nude or white. For men, it can be black or white, and for women, it can be pink or tan. Yet it is still better to speak with the dance teacher before making such a purchase.

Is there any are left or right shoes combination in ballet?

There is no particular left or right which has been stated in the shoes since there are no such specifications in ballet shoes. However, for your own understanding you can mark the insoles with left and right for your own understanding.

What should be the typical duration of ballet shoes?

Depending upon the quality of material and the brand of the ballet shoes, it should last at least about six months and if they are treated well, it should last at least a couple of years. For children, it should last at least a few classes to begin with.

Best Pointe shoes for wide feet

Best Pointe shoes for wide feet

One of the milestones for any ballet dancer is to go el pointe i.e, on point. However, finding the right shoes for ballet dancers that have wide feet can prove to be a bit difficult. It is not merely about the shape of your feet, but the fact that you need to find the perfect pair of shoes that will be able to help you achieve the perfect form for your ballet recital.

Shape of the feet dictates the kind of shoes

Different shapes of the feet definitely dictate the kind of pointe shoes that you should purchase. Each and every function of the shoes has been produced in order to fit a certain size, even though it depends upon the uniqueness of the dancers on its usage. If you have flat feet, then you obviously require a lower vamp and a soft shank in order to achieve the desired form.

The pointe shoes are generally pretty narrow, and most of the people would have difficulty in finding the perfect pair of shoes.

Difficulty in finding pointe shoes for wide feet?

There are different reasons as to why people with wide feet do not purchase pointe shoes. This is primarily due to the fact that having wide feet normally ensure that you would find a pair of shoes that are fitting according to the balls of your feet. However, the heels become too wide, which is never the point with the pointe shoes.

If you have problems with the overall fittings of the pointe shoes, mainly due to short toes, the changes should be done to the padding.

Procuring the right kind of shoes for wide feet

Wide and tapered feet– If the big toe is longer than all the other toes, and it is tapering downwards, then you would have people feet. If it is wide, then you would require a pair of shoes which are triangular in nature.

Wide and square feet– If you have square feet, it is pretty easy to recognise wherein all your toes will be of an equal length. Therefore, you would need a square box as well as a very high ground. The square will be depending upon the shape of your feet.

Inverted feet-When the two toes in the beginning happen to be of a similar size to the big toe and it starts tapering from there, then one has inverted feet. Therefore, one would need a rounded square box that has a high wing.

Some of the good brands for pointe shoes

Russian pointe– Created in the year 1998 in Moscow, these are one of the premium and most popular brands of dancing shoes. These are especially good for people that have a wide set of toes simply because they have been created with a narrow heel.

Freed– The Company which is based in London is amongst one of the best-known designers and manufacturers of dance shoes for professionals. Having been in business since 1929, their pointe shoes are amongst the best that you can find in the United Kingdom.

Grishko-A popular brand making use of natural materials, Grishko is amongst the best when it comes to using the finest satin in their shoes in order to provide it with a wonderful appearance. The shoes are also stable and the platforms are flat in order to provide excellent balance on pointe.

Bloch– A relatively popular brand amongst dancing shoes, Bloch has been making pointe shoes for quite a while. Their professional quality products are amongst the best for people that have started dancing all the way to professionals.

Best pointe shoes for wide and square feet

Grishko Elite

If you are looking for pointe shoes that are the saving grace for your wide feet, then these are the pair of shoes you’re looking for.

They are suitable if you also have a longer second toe, however the general shape of your feet should be square.

They are created out of the usual high standards as professed by Grishko, which also incorporates the cotton drawstrings to protect the tendonitis from getting unnecessarily twisted. It also has a good flexibility, along with proper support to the feet.

Russian Made Adult"Elite" Pointe Shoes ELITEMED3.5XXX 3.5XXX

Pros: –

  • The quality of the shoes is amazing.
  • These pair of shoes is known to be pretty durable.
  • The fabric used in this product is exquisite.

Cons: –

  • The Crown of the shoes is pretty high.

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Capezio Plie II

For the people with wide and square feet, this particular pair of shoes will be ideal. These pair of shoes are created from good quality materials, also has a very soft outer covering as well as a satin binding so as to make the entire product look elegant and wonderful.

Dancers that have a lot of difficulty in finding good quality shoes for their square feet would find this product to be the proper one according to their tastes.

It also contains a broad toe box which is properly feathered, ensuring that it is amongst the best that they can purchase for their money. The overall box is also very short, contains a pretty soft shank, so as to make it very easy to roll the feet during the ballet dance recital.

Capezio Women's Pli II Pointe Shoe,European ,4 W US

Pros: –

  • Good quality materials have only been used in the creation of this product.
  • The product does not make a lot of noise when it is in use.

Cons: –

  • This product does not come with elastic or ribbons like the other pair of shoes.
  • The size of these pair of shoes can be pretty small.

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Best pointe shoes for wide and tapered feet

Russian pointe Entrada

Amongst some of the most popular dancewear, the Russian pointe Entrada is a product that is highly coveted by most of the dancers across the world. For the people that have very narrow metatarsals, this is the product of their choice. It is also great for the dancers that have very wide feet.

For those that have a need to practice extensively, this particular pair of shoes will definitely help them out. Created out of the natural materials, they are excellent in terms of looks while at the same time the arched construction will be able to mimic the shape of the feet. This ensures that the feet will be able to feel good while dancing as well as ensuring that any kind of pointe work that needs to be done will be done effortlessly.

For the people that have tapered feet, this is the perfect product for them. It is containing a medium height Crown which is ideal for people with wide feet. It also has a minimal break-in timeframe, making it the ideal product to be used on a daily basis.

Russian Pointe Entrada Pro Pointe Shoes, V-Cut Flexible Medium Shank - Size 37, Width 2, Vamp V2

Pros: –

  • The shank associated with this pair of shoes is pretty long lasting.
  • Due to the proper arch support, it is great for highlighting the particular portion.
  • Minimal break-in period associated with this product.
  • It contains six different width options for people to choose from, along with six different options for Shanks.

Cons: –

  • The Crown in the shoes can be a tad bit high.

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Best pointe shoes for wide feet

Grishko 2007

Grishko 2007 is a pretty popular choice for people that would like to develop new skill levels in their dancing regimen. It comes with a U-shaped vamp which is exquisite for those with a medium platform along with profile in terms of dancing. It also contains a suede sole, ensuring that the product is durable, while making it easy enough to dance with.

With the anatomical feature of about three fourth shanks, which is one of the newest additions in this category, it has been able to provide a very easy transition for dancers from the Demi pointe to the point position as well as going back to that position without any problems. The primary reason for the popularity of this product is due to the excellent balance that it provides along with proper placement, comfort as well as durability associated with this product.

For the people that have inverted style feet, this is the recommended pair of shoes. This is primarily because they have a tapering front, and it is primarily long in the back portion. For those that have extremely strong feet, and are suited to different needs along with proper sizes, this product contains all of those customisations and further options if there is any need for it.

Grishko 2007 - Hard Shank (6 XXXXX)

Pros: –

  • This pair of shoes is extremely light, and therefore makes a lot less noise.
  • They are elegant to look at.
  • It is available in two variants, the medium and the narrow version.

Cons: –

  • Although a new technology, the three fourth shanks is not suitable for everybody.

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How to get the perfect fit for shoes?

When it concerns shoes for dancing, particularly pointe shoes, it is very important to ensure that proper form is maintained while dancing. For that to happen, one need to ensure that the region of the toes are not curled, moreover there should be no feeling of pinching in that particular region.

When using the shoes, you need to ensure that the ballet tights are worn underneath as it would be able to add a new dimension to the feeling of when the dancing is commencing. Although very new shoes might be a bit stiff in the very beginning, it is slowly going to come down to your comfort level.

However, if you notice that there is no development in the comfort level of the shoes even after wearing it for a long period of time; chances are that it is the wrong pair of shoes. You have to ensure that the big toe does not feel a lot of pressure when going into the point formation. If that happens, you would need a tapered shoe.

Amongst all the reviews provided, you can very easily take your pick as to the kind of shoes that you would want to purchase in order to practice the pointe feature in your ballet. It is one of the most integral parts of the ballet, and continues to be one of the most impressive features in this particular dance form.

Best dance pole for home use

Best dance pole for home use

Dance poles are normally found in shady places that is filled with scantily clad women aka the strip bars. However, these days, the stigma normally associated with dance poles are now being steadily transformed into a form of work out for women that would like to keep fit from within the confines of their own house. Having some sort of physical regimen that enables the women to remain supremely fit, while ensuring that they can dance their heart out is a good way for women to express their own community. The dance poles that are normally found in houses reflect that.

Best Dance pole for home use reviews

X-Pole Xpert portable dance pole

X-Pole has been at the forefront of dance pole revolution for home use, and continues to be one of the most consumer minded companies manufacturing such kind of products. These dance poles can also be used in a professional setting as well, ensuring that they have the highest quality products that can be used for homes without any kind of fear or worries.

X-Pole Xpert portable dance pole

Features: –

The dance poles from X-Pole are amongst the best that you can find in the market, and comes with the reliability and safety for home use. It is also rated as one of the safest dance poles that you can find, ensuring that it will be able to support almost any kind of body weight for most of the women that are interested in such kind of dancing activities.

Pros: –

  • This product has a complete installation kit.
  • It can be both used as a spinning or a static dance pole.
  • It normally comes in three different kinds of finishes.
  • It is pretty easy to assemble.
  • It is one of the most reliable products in the market.

Cons: –

  • When we consider the weight capacity, it is not that high up in rankings.
  • It happens to be one of the most expensive products amongst dance poles for home use.
  • After frequent use, the spinning setting in the dance pole can become a bit lose.
  • Due to the build of the product, it is a bit difficult to be transported or moved around within the room itself.

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MegaBrand portable dancing pole

One of the more reliable companies for dancing poles, MegaBrand has been at this industry for quite a while. However, due to them selling a wide range of products from office supplies to dancing poles, most of the people think that this is not a brand worth looking at. However, their dancing poles are definitely one of the best that you can find in the market.

MegaBrand Portable Fitness Exercise Stripper Spinning Dancing Pole, 9.3-Feet

Features: –

The dancing pole from megabrand contains a threaded system which can be used in order to secure the dancing pole and locking down in a single location. Moreover, it also has the ability to flex internally, ensuring that excessive addition of weight does not in any way encumber the dancing pole. It has a weight capacity of about 440 pounds tried and tested, and therefore virtually anybody with the humongous amount of weight would be able to use this product.

Pros: –

  • This dancing pole has one of the highest clearances in terms of height.
  • It contains a weight capacity of about 440 pounds, which is extremely good for heavyset women.
  • It is very easy to assemble, straight from the pack.
  • The pole is fairly stable.
  • It can be used for spinning as well as static dancing pole.

Cons: –

  • It does not come with the complete kit.
  • Only a single diameter size is found in this particular dancing pole.
  • The spinning functionality of the dancing pole is not at all durable.
  • The seams of the dancing pole may be a bit rough.

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AW removable dancing pole kit

When you require are dancing pole within a certain budget, and you want the best dance pole for apartment, this is the product that you look at. The removal feature of this dance pole ensures that you would be able to use it and dispose of it as and when guests arrive without any kind of problems.

AW 45mm Removable Dancing Pole Kit Portable Fitness Dance Sport Exercise Club Party Pub Home Dance

Features: –

The dancing pole does not have a tendency to buckle; therefore it will be able to very easily withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is by far one of the least expensive products that you can purchase in this category, and continues to play a very important role in the fitness of women across the world. The overall stability of this dancing pole is pretty good, ensuring that one would be able to very easily use it without any afterthought of danger.

Pros: –

  • The dancing pole has the capability of withstanding a lot of weight.
  • It can be very easily used for spinning as well as static dancing pole.
  • The stability of the pole is fairly good.
  • It is one of the least expensive dancing poles that you can find in the market.

Cons: –

  • In some instances, after installation the dancing pole had started wobbling.
  • The assembly of the product is not at all for the layman.
  • The ball bearings in the base of the dancing pole are not at all durable, and have been known to create problems after a period of time.

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Pro-Fit Professional dance pole

When we talk about dance poles, Pro-Fit stands out from the rest. This is an exclusive company catering to microfiber goods, and they have been able to branch out to a whole lot of other consumer based products and yet have maintained their own level when it comes to dancing poles.

Pro-Fit 45mm Professional Portable Spinning Dance Pole with attachable LED Dance Light and Carry Bag

Features: –

This is one of the most innovative dancing poles that you would be able to find in this category, particularly when it concerns you need to find the best dance pole for home use. It has a height lock feature, and makes use of the threaded technology when it comes to screwing the dance pole to the floor. It is very convenient for its use, and with its locking mechanisms in place, it is a sturdy dance pole that can be used for any kind of exercises that can be done on the dance pole.

Pros: –

  • This dance for product comes with a full kit.
  • It can be in the spinning as well as the static variant.
  • There are two different diameters associated with this dance pole.
  • The pricing of this poll is reasonable enough.
  • It has one of the best locking mechanisms amongst all the dance poles reviewed.

Cons: –

  • The overall weight capacity is not very high in this product.
  • After a few months, the chrome plating in the dance pole starts to come off.
  • In the spinning mode, the dance pole is sometimes very unstable, making it a tad bit problematic.

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Amzdeal stripper pole

For women that would love to achieve the best possible body, this stripper pole from Amzdeal is definitely the one product that they can very easily purchase with their eyes closed. This is a truly remarkable product that not only has a wonderful height clearance, but is spectacular to look at and also provides the functionality that makes it one of the best in the market.

amzdeal Stripper Pole Upgraded Fitness Pole Spinning Dancing Pole Portable Removable 45mm Pole Kit for Exercise Loss Weight Home Gym

Features: –

One glaring feature associated with this dance pole is the very small height clearance, which is about 8’8”. That is not at all ideal for women that like to exercise on the dance pole on a regular basis. Yet, this is still one of the best products primarily due to the kind of stability that it offers as well as the overall cost to the benefit ratio of this product.

Pros: –

  • It has a very good weight carrying capacity.
  • It can be very easy to assemble, even though the instructions might be a tad bit difficult to follow.
  • Due to the small size, it can be very easily stored in very small places.
  • Both spinning as well as static features are applicable with this dancing pole.

Cons: –

  • It has one of the lowest height clearances amongst all the products reviewed.
  • It can be pretty difficult to move.
  • This pole is not considered to be very durable.
  • The price factor is on the higher side, ensuring that not a lot of people are capable of purchasing this product.

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Buying guide for dance poles

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are seeking out a good dance pole for your home use. They include;

  • Diameter– The dance poles of today come with numerous gauges, and therefore you need to be able to choose a proper diameter that can fit your body profile. Most of these dance poles come with a variety of 50 MM as well as 45 MM. These form the contemporary style, and are designed for women that have very large hands or hands which are smaller than the average -sized people.
  • Capacity of weight– It goes without saying that most of the people that normally get up on the dance poles to dance form within the weight limit of 200- 300 pounds. However, if the person intending to purchase the dance pole is overweight, they need to be able to ensure that the dance pole has a proper capacity of carrying the weight of the person so as to ensure that it does not collapse. For heavy women, heavy duty dance poles are also easily available in the market.
  • Movement- A normal movement setting, which is either spinning or static, can be found in the market. If you go for the static setting, the dance pole is to be found in a single locked feature, and can be used only to spin around the pole. However, the spinning variant allows it to move in any direction as and when you please.

Conclusion: –

Purchasing the best dance pole for apartment is a necessity for women that would like to remain supremely fit without having to go to the gymnasium on a daily basis. However, purchasing the best dance pole for home use is a must or else one would not be able to get a proper workout regimen due to the inadequate construction and capacity of the dance pole to provide support to the person involved. It is very important for people to have the right material, which in this case happens to be the dance pole for appropriate work out.